Background Story
Since 2013, we have had the great joy of working with Stayhard, Scandinavia's leading online store within fashion for men. On our journey, we've made a huge audio branding concept for the brand, containing both strategy and content, to express the brand in the best way possible to it's target group. The song 'No Matter Where We Are' was born, a song that has had a grand impact, launching Stayhard as one of the first brands as an artist on Spotify with a full-length single! This 1st version was used in Stayhard's campaigns for a whole year and in 2014, we produced a new version of the song, giving the target group a new dimension of the brand and the song. Since then, the upsides for the first two versions have been many;

- Over 1.1 million streams on Spotify
- Over 5 million views on Youtube
- Number 2 on the iTunes Dance Chart
- Reaching Swedish Radio P3's "Digilistan", challenging Public Service.

In 2016, the song received international attention and got picked up by former world no1 DJ Hardwell's record label Revealed Recordings, who then released a version of the song with DJ and artist Manse, giving the song it's own life throughout the world. Revealed Recordings is one of the world's top record labels within EDM (Electronic Dance Music) and the new version premiered on "Hardwell On Air" Friday, September 16th, a radio program with over 50 million listeners worldwide. It was released to digital music services September 19th.

Scroll down the page to see the videos and listen to the full-length singles of each version, or use a shortcut by clicking on the names:
No Matter Where We Are - 1st version
No Matter Where We Are (Radio Edit 2014) - 2nd version
No Matter Where We Are (Manse Remix) - 3rd version