What is this Audio Branding stuff?


Audio Branding - as we see it

You know what your brand looks like. 
You probably have a logo, and a complete
graphic profile for your entire company.
And you know what it stands for -
all of the core values that you wish to
convey to your customers.

But what does your brand sound like?

Imagine having your brand in the ears of your customers. Creating a connection to their everyday life. Making the brand a part of their lifestyle, through something as natural as music and sound. Well - that's part of what Audio Branding is all about, and that's what we do.

Audio Branding, also known as sonic branding or sound branding, is a term that is fairly unknown and also constantly revised regarding it's meaning. For us, it's basically a collective term under which a bunch of different audio linked branding activities live. An audio logo or jingle could be audio branding, so could soundscaping, a brand song, an audio strategy, audio guidelines or in-store playlists with audio that has been custom built specifically for a brand. Some agencies work with content only, some with strategy only. So, of all of this, what do we do? Well,
we create brand audio content based on profound brand and market research and provide strategy, guidelines and statistics. That's the Million Sounds way of Audio Branding. We make sure that our clients and their employees and customers know what the brand sounds like.

If you want to listen to some of our work you can simply click here and we'll take you to our portfolio page.